1. Cosmic Origin Deskai 6:13
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Cosmic Origin

Release Date : 28 April 2017
Catalog ref. : RHLP100
Format : Digital Download

Deskai joins the legendary label “Renegade Hardware” with an exclusive track created for “The Final Chapter” LP! This LP is a concentrate of massive drum & bass music representing the various facets of Renegade Hardware’s sound. With more than 100 tracks and some of the greatest artists from the d&b scene, the project is splited in 4 parts (Neuroware / Magnum Opus / Horse Mentality / Rewired) + 2 continuous mixes by DJ Ink and Renegade Sound Sytem. Deskai’s new track entitled “Cosmic Origin” has been mixed by Renegade Sound System on the “Neuroware” continuous mix and is there to represent the “gigs / dance” part of the label. More infos concerning these exclusive tracks soon, they will be released as single during these next weeks, stay tuned!