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Majestic EP

Release Date : 18 March 2013
Format : Digital Download

Klectik kicks into 2013 gear with a release from Synox. The release is titled the Majestic EP and features a remix from Mike Gervais.

Things get started with the title track “Majestic”, a deep moody techno piece that sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Synox works together a nice tribally groove while building the track up steadily with mysterious vocal bits and hypnotic synths. The intensity of the EP kicks up another notch with “Macumba”, featuring dark synth stabs, zooming sub bass, and well worked drum fills. On “Colera De La Selva”, Synox delivers a premium peak timer, huge bass and echoing reverberated effects shutter in the distance while the track’s dark groove slowly burns! The remix for the EP comes from Minneapolis producer, Mike Gervais. Mike goes to work on “Macumba”, building on the darkness while reworking the main synth stabs and other elements of the track into a stripped down, jacking techno number.

Mastered by Pat King (New York – USA)