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Back To The Islands EP

Release Date : 7 November 2011
Catalog ref. : 403881
Format : Digital Download

Klectik returns after a short break to start an exciting Fall season of releases! Synox is a producer from Paris, France that first appeared on the label with a collaborative effort on the track Sandolism with Kane Roth.

Synox opens Klectik012 up with the tittle track, a deep and spacey journey inspired by a summer trip to the Island of Martinique, the track twists and turns with tropical rhythms and makes interesting use of field recordings from the aforementioned trip! Conception is peak time mover perfect for setting things off, a huge bassline, glitchy micro samples that twist and turn throughout the mix, dark synth stabs, dark trippy vocals, this track has everything going for it!! Taramindo rounds out the originals with deep modulating pads and grooving tribal tech rhythms:-) Dave Powers returns to Klectik with powerful remix of “Back To The Islands, Dave delivers a mix that builds on the original with a dark, deep & sexy concoction that manifests all the way til the end with swirling pads and dubby synths!

Supported by:

Paco Osuna (Barcelona, Mindshake) – Synox – Conception (Original Mix) downloaded thank you 😉
Seph (Buenos Aires, Dumb-Unit) – nice ep! Power’s remix is the favourite 🙂
Noah Pred (Berlin, Thoughtless) – Synox – Tamarindo (Original Mix) Nice clean and deep grooves – I like!
Jorge Savoretti (Buenos Aires, Savor) – Synox – Conception (Original Mix) super good tracks! great production
Miro Pajic – (Berlin, Harthouse) – Synox – Conception (Original Mix) Cool stuff!
Max Jacobson (Chicago, Fresh Meat) – Synox – Back To The Islands (Original Mix) GREAT PACKAGE!
Hector Pizarro (Paris, Gastspiel) – Synox – Conception (Original Mix)
Chris Fortier (NYC, Fade) – Synox – Back To The Islands (Original Mix) very good mood setting grooves
Juan Zolbaran (Buenos Aires, Klectik) – Synox – Tamarindo (Original Mix) very good mix between tech house , techno and deep when i hear the tracks he send me to a big dance floor! Tamarindo is the one for me also the rmx for dave powers . thx a lot
Dela (Milwaukee, Mindshake) – Synox – Conception (Original Mix) A solid 4 but Conception and Tamarindo are stand-outs for me. Thanks. Will definitely be in use.
Pat King (NYC, Fade) – Synox – Back To The Islands (Dave Powers Remix) Like em’ all, But Back To The Island (Dave Powers Remix) does it for me. Very Nice Groove!