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Oliver Reissig, also known as Deskai, Synox, Dubaxis and Spasmik, is a french, german, syrian, argentinian and italian DJ / Music Producer and Mastering Engineer. Born in Paris, France, he follows his ambitions in Berlin, Germany since 2012.

Mainly focused on Drum & Bass, Techno and Trip Hop music, from atmospheric soundscapes to dancefloor bangers, Deskai found a balance between these opposites due to his versatile creativity and wide music tastes.

A drummer since 15 years, Deskai developed skills as a composer and racked up countless hours, both in the studio and on stage with numerous bands, varying from Jazz to Hardcore Metal. The various musical directions he encountered along the way allowed him to establish his own style in the vast world of electronic music.

His great fondness for the music and club scene of the 90’s has inspired him to produce and mix tracks influenced by this legendary period in music history. To bring the masses a fresh sound created with an old school style, yet with new production techniques, has driven Deskai to continue on his path as both creator and lover of music.

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______ STUDIES ______

2019 – 2020:
Mastering Diploma
HOFA College (Berlin / Karlsdorf, DE)

2018 – 2019:
• Mastering Audio / The Art and The Science
Bob Katz first edition (further education)

2010 – 2012: 
• Audio Engineering Diploma
SAE (Paris, FR)

2006 – 2008:
• Electronics Engineer Diploma
Technical college for electronics (Paris, FR)

2006 – 2007:
• Mix / Mastering formation
Urban Groove Studio (Paris, FR)

2002 – 2006:
• Secondary school certificate
option classical music and german (Paris, FR)

______ WORK ______

2021 – Current
• DJ Turntable Sale & Repair
Quartz.MK2 – Freelance (Berlin, DE)

2012 – Current
• Mixing & Mastering Engineer
Deskai Mastering – Freelance (Berlin, DE)

2005 – Current
• Music Producer / DJ
Deskai Music – Freelance (Berlin, DE)

2014 – 2015
• Chief Operating Officer
Berlin.waxx – Record Store (Berlin, DE)

2006 – 2014
• Event Manager
Le Batofar, Glazart, OPA Bastille, 4 Elements (Paris, FR)

2009 – 2010
• Backliner
Emergenza Festival – Gibus, Elysée Montmartre, Alhambra (Paris, FR)

2009 – 2010
• Event Promoter
Co2 Activity / Radio Nova (Paris, FR)

______ INTERNSHIP ______

2009 (2 months)
• Studio Sound Engineer
Coaching-Voix Off (Paris, FR)

2009 (1 month)
• Live Sound Engineer Assistant
Elysée Montmartre (Paris, FR)

2009 (3 months)
• Live Sound Engineer Assistant
New Morning (Paris, FR)

2008 (1 month)
• Live Sound Engineer Assistant
La Scène Bastille (Paris, FR)

2007 (1 month)
• Studio Material Maintenance
Liberty Rock Studio (Paris, FR)

2006 (1 month)
• Printing Assistant
Druckerei Brochmann GmbH (Essen, DE)

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